Construction works from recycled plastic waste at Vinacolour factory

As one of the long-standing and prestigious plastic raw materials manufacturers in the Vietnamese market, besides constantly researching and developing advanced masterbatch products, helping to improve productivity and reduce costs in the production of plastic products, Vinacolour also continuously invests in plastic waste treatment projects, contribute to reducing environmental pollution and contributing to the community.

The company has successfully fabricated a production line system of building materials from plastic waste such as house building tiles, floor tiles, tiles, roofing panels.

The majority of recycled products produced have been supplied into community service works such as Hoan Kiem district walking flower garden, housing projects, affordable schools for disadvantaged mountainous localities.

Right on the vinacolour factory campus, we have also built a series of departments from recycled materials such as director’s room, technical room, meeting room, garden,… both to serve production activities, and to introduce to partners and customers interested in this environmentally friendly product line

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